Hi, I'm Bob Breeze and I have been involved in the health and fitness business for over 40 years.  My passion for fitness started early in life.  As a child growing up in Salt Lake City, I contracted a mild case of polio. Not having access to a professional rehabilitation program, my parents enrolled me in a gym where I learned the training principles of world-class bodybuilders.  I faithfully applied these conditioning strategies building my body to a healthy state.  As a result, I entered and won several bodybuilding competitions.  I soon began to work informally with many gym members.  Recognizing my empathy for client concerns and my natural teaching ability, the owners of the company hired me to be part of their national expansion team.  Eventually, this company became the largest health club chain in the country.

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After ten years working in upper management, my wife Anita and I founded and operated Anita Roberts Health & Fitness for Women and Fitness Now for Men.  As two pioneers in the health club industry, we empowered our members to live fit and healthy lifestyles. 

After selling my last fitness center, I decided to stay in the fitness business, which I loved, by personally training select clients. I found that people were constantly telling me that their bodies were not performing the way they used to.  Their joints were stiff and ached all the time. They had difficulty moving well, and despite staying active, they often ended up injured. I knew I had the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help people train smarter, move better, and as a side benefit, look younger too!

In addition to acquiring four decades of experience and knowledge in the health and wellness field, I hold certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM CPT) and Functional Movement System (FMS).  These certifications represent some of the highest professional standards in the health & fitness industry.  Additionally, each year I attend many seminars and professional conferences to stay current with the most up-to-date fitness research and training methods.

At Bob Breeze Fitness, clients come from many walks of life. A wide variety of clients have included professional men and women, retirees, moms and even a Navy F-18 pilot.  My studio is bright, clean, and especially welcoming.  Above all, my clients appreciate the personal time set aside for them without the hassle of crowds or distractions.  You'll love it!

Call me to become part of a select group of clients who are receiving over 40 years of professional training experience.

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