In my line of work, my neck and shoulders are always stiff. I've been to yoga; got hurt - been to Zumba; twisted my knee - hired a fitness trainer; he pushed me too hard and couldn't relate to my aches. Bob took a complete health assessment and gave me a series of 7 tests to determine the imbalances in my body. When I train with Bob my neck doesn't feel as heavy as an 8lb bowling ball anymore. I feel great and best of all, when I look in the mirror I don't see a pinched look of pain!

Lydia L.
Decorative artist and muralist


Being 63, I thought the sooner I did some strength training the better. I never imagined that in a few months I'd be able to turn to look over my shoulder to back out of a parking space and be able to easily get up and down on the floor while playing with my grandchildren. Life seems a lot better now; not many aches and pains. I truly enjoy working with Bob and look forward to our twice weekly sessions. Bob's in-home studio is awesome and I never feel like I'm on display. 

Barbara B.
Business Owner

I've spent nearly a month out on the ship, during that time I did TRX in combination with some of your exercises four or five times a week. I can really feel the difference in balance between left and right and the rest of my body that these types of movement train. These last few weeks I'd had some long flights, all with a heavy helmet with a forward center of balance; a combination that has caused me great pain over the years. As a result of your training, my back and shoulder have never been better. Thanks for your expertise.

LCDR James G.
U.S.Navy FA-18 Super Hornet Pilot

I don't get hurt and am never crippling sore. I feel better than good the next day. The best part of my training with Bob is that I lost 15 lbs of fat without looking soft and squishy. I didn't lose my 'butt' and look sexy in my jeans!

Carol W.
Mother of 3

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